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General Questions

Are all Frames and Lenses authentic?

Are DCL lenses specifically made for Cartier drilled rimless frames?

Are ALL frames and lenses brand new?

Is there a Return policy?

Do lenses come with screws?

Why do we use Trivex lenses?

Is shipping free?

Do tinted lenses have U.V. protection?

Can I use vision insurance on my purchase of frame and lenses?

Should I have an authorized Cartier eyewear dealer insert the lenses in my frames?

Do lenses come with a warranty?

What should I use to clean my custom lenses?

What is the best way to clean your lenses?

Is each pair of lenses and frames thoroughly checked before being shipped?

What is the thickness and base curve (BC) of Diamond Cut Lenses?

Can I return a frame or lenses if I don’t like them?

Are there Refunds?

Are all Diamond cuts done by hand?

Is the Cartier logo and/or any other designs laser engraved on the lens?

If I need more screws to insert my lens where should I go?

Do you sell extra parts for my Cartier frame?

Do you repair Cartier frames?

Do you adjust my Cartier’s if I send them to you?

What does it mean when the lenses are Transitions?

Are all the lenses sold on the website Non-Prescription/Plano

Will the lenses that I see in the picture look like the exact lenses I will be receiving?

How is the HD tint applied?